November Weather in Lanzarote

Autumn in the Canaries

There is usually a distinct change in the weather patterns that happens towards the end of October or during November. The sky becomes cloudier and the air cooler, often accompanied by the first rains after the long dry summer. This time of year is particularly well-known for stunning sunsets, so be sure to pack your camera.

Lanzarote Sunset

Daytime High Temperatures

The average daily high temperature in Lanzarote in November is 24.2°C, with some days into the high twenties. The record high for the month at Lanzarote Airport is 34.2°C – recorded on the 8th of November 1999.

Nighttime Temperatures

At night, temperatures drop to minimums of between 14 and 21°C – with an average low of 17.2°C. This is cool enough that you will probably want to pack a light jacket or cardigan for the colder evenings.


In Lanzarote, November is the month with the second highest average number of days with rain. The island gets about 8 days with rain in November, though with a median total rainfall of just 11.2mm, the rain is generally not that heavy. Having said all that, rain in Lanzarote is always hard to predict, and while some years receive no rain at all, others get torrential rain. November does tend to be the first month with the winter weather pattern, so some rain during the month is likely.

Cloud Cover

There are some clouds in the sky on most days during November – though, as usual, these are more generally in the north-west of the island, or out-to-sea. Clouds over the main south coast tourist resorts often ‘burn off’ by lunchtime. Usually there are 2 or 3 completely overcast days during the month, and also 3 to 4 days where there are no clouds whatsoever in the sky.


With an average wind speed of 18.2kmph (at the Airport), November is one of the least windy times of year in Lanzarote. However, Lanzarote can, rarely, be affected by storms at this time of year, such as 2005’s Tropical Storm Delta which caused substantial damage on the island.

Sea Temperature

The sea temperature around Lanzarote in November is usually around 21 or 22°C – which is fine for a refreshing dip (for most people). If you plan on spending extended amounts of time in the water surfing, snorkelling or diving, you may want to bring a summer wetsuit.

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