Lanzarote offers some of the best diving in Europe.
With over 500 species of fish, many wrecks, underwater volcanic caves, good visibility (10 – 30 meters) and water temperatures ranging from 18 to 23 degrees, it is easy to see why.
Many of the popular dive sites are easily accessible with both shore and boat diving possible.

Highlights of Diving in Lanzarote include:

Close encounters with grouper, barracuda, angelshark, and rays. It is also possible to see Hammerhead Sharks off the small island of Los Lobos (located between Lanzarote and neighbouring Fuerteventura).

There are many underwater caves such as the ‘Cathedral’.

There are many old wrecks located around the coast of Lanzarote as well as a specially created Marine Park (created by sinking several boats) just off the coast at Puerto del Carmen.

The reefs around Lanzarote are teeming with marine life such as Octopus, Anemone, Cuttlefish, Sea Horses Red Coral.

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