Plaza de los Remedios, Yaiza, Lanzarote
Plaza de los Remedios, Yaiza, Lanzarote

Yaiza is a beautiful and tranquil village in the south of Lanzarote that has twice won the prize for being the loveliest village in Spain. Although building development on the outskirts of the town has been somewhat uncontrolled in recent years, the centre of the village has maintained its character.

With it’s pristinely-kept square, 17th century church of Nuestro Señora de los Remedios, wonderful well-kept gardens and intriguing souvenir shops and tapas bars, Yaiza is well worth a visit.

Yaiza is the centre of administration for the surrounding municipality of the same name, which includes the resort town of Playa Blanca

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  1. james brebner

    conozco el vino de este nombre – es muy Bueno !

    Conozce Utd la origen del nombre Yaiza por favor ?

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