Bus stops while camels cross road
A bus stops while camels cross the road near Uga, Lanzarote
Public buses can be a good option for getting around Lanzarote and connections with the island’s airport have improved dramatically in recent years. For the size of the island, there are a good number of buses and routes and fares are quite low. The price of your journey depends on how far you travel; the bus from the airport to Playa Blanca, for example, costs €3.30 one way, per person. Local journeys cost less.

Buses in the Canary Islands are known as Guaguas (pronounced Wah-wah) – a term that is also used in the Latin America, but not elsewhere in Spain. The public bus company on Lanzarote is called Intercity Bus (formerly Arrecife Bus).

BBL (Bono Bus Lanzarote) is a reusable, top-up bus card that can be purchased on most buses or at the main bus station in Arrecife and gives users 10% discount on all fares when using the Bono card. This is worthwhile if you are planning to tour the island using public transport. You can check the balance of the card in the automated machines on the buses, or simply ask the driver once he has taken your current fare from the card.

Lanzarote Bus Routes
Route No.StopsTimetable
22Airport T1 & T2 – Playa Honda – Arrecife (Playa del Reducto)View
23Airport T1 & T2 – Playa Honda – Arrecife (Saturdays, Sundays and during festivals)View
161/261Airport T1 & T2 – Matagorda – Casino – Puerto del Carmen – Puerto Calero – Yaiza – Playa BlancaView
N/ATo get to Costa Teguise, take the bus to Arrecife, where you can then board a connecting bus
Teguise Market – Sunday Bus Only
Route No.StopsTimetable
11Costa Teguise – Teguise MarketView
12Matagorda – Puerto del Carmen – Teguise MarketView
13Playa Blanca – Yaiza – Uga – Puerto Calero – Mácher – Tías – Playa Honda – Arrecife – Teguise MarketView
14Arrecife – Tahiche – Nazaret – Teguise MarketView
Island Routes
Route No.StopsTimetable
01Arrecife – Costa TeguiseView
02Arrecife – Matagorda – Puerto del CarmenView
03Costa Teguise – Arrecife – Matagorda – Puerto del CarmenView
05Arrecife – Playa Honda – Tías – Mácher – FemésView
07Arrecife – Tahiche – Nazaret – Teguise – Guatiza – Mala – Tabayesco – Arrieta – Punta Mujeres – Haría – MaguezView
09Arrecife – Tahiche – Nazaret – Teguise – Guatiza – Cactus Gardens – Mala – Tabayesco – Arrieta – Punta Mujeres – Jameos del Agua – Port of ÓrzolaView
10Arrecife – Tahiche – Nazaret – Teguise – Los VallesView
14Arrecife – TahicheView
15Arrecife – Hospital – San Bartolomé

16Arrecife – Hospital – San Bartolomé – Mozaga – Tao – Tiagua – La Vegueta – Mancha Blanca – Tinajo – El Cuchillo – La SantaView
19Arrecife – Playa Honda – Tías – Conil – La Asomada – Mácher – Puerto CaleroView
20Arrecife – Hospital – San Bartolomé – Mozaga – Tao – Tiagua – Muñique – Soo – Caleta de FamaraView
21Arrecife – Police Stations (Local and National) – Casino – Playa HondaView
24Arrecife – Playa Honda – Matagorda (get off here for link to Puerto Calero via bus number 161) – Puerto del CarmenView
25Costa Teguise – Los Mármoles – Arrecife – Playa Honda – Puerto del Carmen – Puerto CaleroView
26Arrecife – Tahiche – Nazaret – Teguise – Guatiza – Tabayesco – Arrieta – Punta Mujeres – Haría – Máguez– YéView
30Playa Blanca (local circular bus route running from Faro Park to Las Coloradas)View
31Costa Teguise – Tahiche – Nazaret – Teguise – Caleta de FamaraView
32Playa Honda – Güime – Montaña Blanca – Masdache – La Florida – San Bartolomé – Hospital – Arrecife Public LibraryView
33Costa Teguise – Caleta de Famara – MuñiqueView
234Tías – Lower Macher – Tías – Puerto del Carmen (local circular bus route – split route)View
334Tías – Macher – La Asomada – Tagoyo – Tías – Puerto del Carmen (local circular bus route – split route)View
42Arrecife (Playa del Reducto) – Playa Honda – Puerto del Carmen – Tías – Mácher – Yaiza Secondary School (During School term only)View
52La Santa – El Cuchillo – Tinajo – Mancha Blanca – La Vegueta – Tiagua – Tao – Mozaga – San Bartolomé – Hospital – Arrecife – Tahiche – Nazaret – Teguise – Los VallesView
53La Santa – El Cuchillo – Tinajo – Mancha Blanca – La Vegueta – Tiagua – Tao – Mozaga – San Bartolomé – Hospital – Arrecife – Tahiche – Nazaret – TeguiseView
60Arrecife – Playa Honda – Tías – Mácher – Puerto Calero – Uga – Yaiza – (Las Breñas 2pm bus only) – Playa BlancaView

Please check the routes and timetables as Saturdays, Sundays and festivals often have significantly reduced services.

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9 Responses

  1. Jeff Holmes

    I can only find information for a journey from playa Honda to arrecife but not the reverse journey, ie arrecife to playa Honda.
    Can you help me please?

    • administrator

      Hi, If you look at any of the timetables, they have a column for departures from both ends of the route. So for route 21, there is a column for Estacion (Arrecife Bus Station) and another for Playa Honda. The one that says ‘Play Honda’ at the top, means departures from Playa Honda.

  2. gretta kinahan

    can we get a bus from Playa de las pocillos to Playa Honda

    • administrator

      Unfortunately access to this bus is difficult as there are steps when boarding and leaving. There is a hold for luggage, bicycles, wheelchairs etc. However boarding is an issue.
      Many of the shorter local routes on the island do have good access utilizing buses with floors that can be lowered, but this route is not one of them.

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