Jameos del Agua, located in the North of Lanzarote, is a series of collapsed and semi-submerged volcanic tubes that were converted into a tourist attraction in the 1960s and 70s by the late Lanzarote-born artist, César Manrique. The term ‘jameo‘ is a pre-Hispanic word that refers to a hole in the volcanic landscape, where the roof has collapsed into a volcanic cave. Jameos del Agua is part of a 6km-long volcanic tube (Túnel de la Atlántida), formed during the eruptions of the nearby Corona Volcano some 21,000 years ago. The eruptions coincided with the last Ice Age, when the sea level was much lower and when the shoreline was 1.5km further away. Consequently, the final 1.5km-long section of the tube is below sea level today.

The Jameos del Agua Lagoon
The flooded section of Jameos del Agua, where the small Blind Albino Crabs can be found.
Endangered Species

The flooded cavern section of Jameos de Agua is home to a species of blind Albino Crab (Munidopsis polymorpha). Known as the Jameito, and although they are quite common in the cave (visitors will see plenty of them in the water), they are found nowhere else in the world, and are therefore a critically endangered species.

Jameos del Agua Pool
The gorgeous pool, loved by Instagramers, with its turquoise waters is perhaps most emblematic of the place, though you aren’t actually allowed to swim in it.
Research Station

Also on site, is the Casa de los Volcanes, which houses a scientific research station and interpretative centre with a variety of installations concerning the geology and vulcanology of the islands. Seismographs and other sensory equipment used by the monitoring station can all be seen performing their tasks behind glass screens.


An auditorium built into a cave is used for occasional classical concerts and film-screenings, though most musical events take place in the open air beside the ‘lagoon’. A full program including combined Dinner and Folk Music Events, as well as the summertime Electronic Dance Music-focused Jameos Music Festival can be found at the official website here.

Jameos del Agua is well-worth a visit during your stay in Lanzarote and we recommend that you make it one of your stops while spending a day touring the attractions in the North of the island.

Entrance Fee

Adult: €9.50 (20% off after 3pm)
Children (7 – 12): €4.75 euros (20% off after 3pm)

Getting to Jameos del Agua

You can get to Jameos del Agua by Public Bus (Linea 9 from the Arrecife Bus Station), Coach Tour or by car. The The Best of César Manrique Tour and Grand Tour of Lanzarote coach tours both stop at Jameos del Agua (entrance fee included).

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