The Ayuntamiento building in Haria, Lanzarote
The Ayuntamiento building in Haria, Lanzarote

Haria is a peaceful town located in the north of Lanzarote in the ‘valley of one thousand palms’.

At the centre of the town is a beautiful and tranquil square with some small shops and restaurants. On Saturday mornings there is a craft market held here.

In the past the Town suffered many Pirate attacks, the worst of which occurred in 1586 when the pirate, Morato Arraez, burned the place to the ground along with all of the famous Palm Trees.
However the trees grew again, perhaps due to the local tradition of planting a Palm Tree for every child born (or two for every boy). Locally known as the ‘valley of one thousand palms’ and this title is still apt for this part of the Island.

Nowadays Haria is the capital of the municipality of the same name.

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