Lanzarote Time Zone

Lanzarote is in the same time zone as the UK and Ireland. All three places are part of the Western European Time-zone (WET) along with Portugal (apart from the Azores), Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

All of these areas use daylight savings time in summer – apart from Iceland, which has the same time throughout the year (clocks are not adjusted in Spring or Autumn).

These time zones come under various names and standards (e.g. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), Irish Standard Time (IST), British Summer Time (BST), Atlantic/Canary etc.), however, since the clocks change on the same days in Lanzarote as in the UK, the time is the same in both places throughout the year.

Peninsular Spain, on the other hand, is in a different time zone to the Canary Islands and uses Central European Time (CET), which is one hour ahead of the Canaries. This has been the case since the Second World War, when Franco switched mainland Spain from GMT to CET to further align the country with Germany and Italy. In recent years, there have been proposals to return mainland Spain back to GMT, which is closer to its actual true solar time.

Mobile Phone Time

An occasional nuisance during your trip to Lanzarote is that mobile phone carriers sometimes use CET (Mainland Spain), and this may automatically set your smartphone to the incorrect time. This is especially important to be aware of when setting an alarm to get you up on the last day of your holiday before setting off for the airport!