Casa Juanita, Arrieta
Casa Juanita, Arrieta, Lanzarote

The white-washed seaside village of Arrieta, located in the north of Lanzarote, is perfect for those of you who love fresh fish thanks to its abundance of great seafood restaurants. These restaurants serve all types of traditional Canarian fare and can become very busy with locals at lunchtime (especially at the weekends).

Casa Juanita
This curious blue and red building, which seems to violate all of Lanzarote’s planning laws and owe more to a Tibetan Monastery than to the aforementioned white-washed dwellings, is colloquially known as “The Blue House”. There are several stories regarding the motivation for constructing such an out-of-place building, however what is known is that it was built in the 1920s before lying abandoned for many years. It had a brief spell as a museum before being converted [back] into a residence.

Adjacent to the southern-end of the town is a pleasant beach (La Garita), which has a beach bar and is popular during the summer. At the other end, Arrieta gradually peters out before becoming Punta Mujeres – another charming seaside village.

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