Ermita de los Dolores, Mancha Blanca
The Ermita de los Dolores, Mancha Blanca during the Romería de los Dolores Fiesta.
Annual Festivals

5th January
Every year on the fifth of January there is a parade with 3 Camel Riders giving sweets and gifts to Children.

Carnival (Dates Change)
Carnival takes place in February or March every year.
The exact dates of Parades etc. will depend on the location (different Towns/Villages have their processions on different days).

24th May
Fiesta in Montana Blanca

7th June
Ascension Day

13th June
Fiesta in Guime

24th June
Fiesta in Haria

29th June
Fiesta in Maguez

7th July
Fiesta in Femes

16th July
Fiesta in Teguise, Puerto del Carmen, Tias, Famara and Yaiza.

25th July
Fiesta in Tahiche.

24th August
Fiesta in San Bartolome

25th August
Fiesta in Arrecife

30th August
Fiesta in Haria

8th September
Fiesta in Yaiza

9th September
Fiesta in Tiagua

14th September
Fiesta in Guatiza

15th September
Fiesta in Mancha Blanca

30th November
Fiesta in Tao

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