Ermita de los Dolores, Mancha Blanca
The Ermita de los Dolores, Mancha Blanca during the Romería de los Dolores Fiesta.

The neighbouring villages of Tinajo and Mancha Blanca both lie within the municipality of Tinajo.

Mancha Blanca is most famous for the church of Los Dolores and the annual fiesta which takes place there. This church was constructed because of a promise made by the villagers to the Virgin during the volcanic eruptions of the 18th Century. The Lava flow that had threatened to destroy the village stopped when an effigy of the Virgin was brought to the Volcano.

It is also said that during these same eruptions, a young boy was rescued from the erupting Volcano by the Virgin.
The Virgin is celebrated every year at the Island’s most important fiesta, La Romeria de Los Dolores, on 15th of September.

The soil surrounding Tinajo and Mancha Blanca is especially fertile and is one of the most important agricultural areas of Lanzarote.

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