Passengers boarding a Ryanair Flight
Passengers boarding a Ryanair Flight from Lanzarote

With limited direct public transport links between Lanzarote’s Airport and the Island’s major resorts, pre-booking an Airport transfer is a very economical alternative to hiring a car or taking a taxi.

Even for a single person, the saving can be more than 80% compared to taking a taxi – a Taxi from the airport to Playa Blanca costs €50+, while a pre-booked transfer can cost as little as €5.23.

It is important to point out that, unlike in other airports, tickets for an airport transfer cannot be purchased at Lanzarote airport and must be purchased in advance. Also note that if you are staying in private accommodation (e.g. a villa), then you should choose the nearest hotel as your pick-up or drop-off location.

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  1. dawn hunte

    Is there a bus that goes from Costa teguise to the airport? We are near blue bay Lanzarote

    • administrator

      Hi, There is no direct public bus between Costa Teguise and the Airport. If you want to book a transfer, you could select the nearby Vitalclass Lanzarote Sports & Wellness Resort as the pickup point, as I can’t see the Blue bay as a pick-up option.

  2. Kaye Bagshaw

    We’re planning to book a transfer. Which hotel in Costa Teguise is nearest to Lanzarote Paradise?
    Thank you

    • administrator

      Hi, Vitalclass Lanzarote Sports & Wellness Resort looks quite close.

  3. Dawn


    I need to get to Callao Beach 7 in Arrieta, could you tell me which bus I need please

    • administrator

      Hi, You would need to get a no.7 or no.9 from Arrecife Bus Station (22 or 23 from the airport to Arrecife).

  4. Sarah Reis

    Hello I want to know where does the bus #161 stop in order to head back to the Airport? I will be staying at “Blue Star Cinco Plazas” in Puerto del Carmen. I know where I will need to get off to head towards this apartment complex I’m staying at, but I have read somewhere that the Bus headning back to the airport will take the back streets. So wondering if you know where I need to wait for the Bus?

    Ps if you can answer me via my email address this would be appreciated.

    Thanks, S

    • administrator

      Hi, Yes, the 161 Bus follows a different route through Puerto del Carmen when heading towards the Airport. You will need to make your way to the ‘Cañada Alta’ stop on the Rambla Islas Canarias.

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