How expensive is Lanzarote?

Visitors from the UK and Ireland will find most things to be cheaper than in their home countries. Restaurants and bars are usually quite a bit cheaper than in northern European cities, however supermarket prices may be a little higher than in the UK, but lower than in Ireland. Alcohol and Tobacco are much cheaper in Lanzarote than in the UK or Ireland.

Couple at a restaurant in Lanzarote

How much does a restaurant meal cost in Lanzarote?

A three course meal with fillet steaks and a decent bottle of wine for two in a Spanish seaside restaurant typically costs around €85 (main courses typically cost between €10 and €20). The same meal for two with fresh fish would cost about €75.

A meal for two with drinks in one of the many Chinese restaurants can be had for under €50, and a pizza meal with wine in an Italian Restaurant costs around €40. Many places offer a three course lunch ‘Menu del dia’ for between €10 and €15.

Bar prices in Lanzarote

The stiff competition in Puerto del Carmen means that you can find some very cheap deals – one place even offers €1 large beers during happy hour in the afternoon, however large beers typically cost about €2.50. Irish bars tend to be more expensive than British-themed bars, and a pint of Guinness typically costs around €5.
Spirit and mixer drinks typically cost €5, a glass of wine costs around €3.50 and a cocktail is about €7.

Taxi prices in Lanzarote

Taxis are very reasonably-priced in Lanzarote for short journeys within an urban area (i.e. within a resort town), however longer taxi journeys that leave the local urban area can quickly become expensive. Typically short local journeys within a resort town such as Playa Blanca or Puerto del Carmen cost between €4 – €6, slightly more if you travel all the way from one end of the resort to the other.

Taxi fares from Lanzarote Airport to the main resorts are roughly as follows:
Airport to Puerto del Carmen: €27
Airport to Playa Blanca: €60
Airport to Costa Teguise: €35

Pre-booking an airport transfer is another option and may be the cheapest way to get to your hotel.

Transfers from Lanzarote Airport to your Accommodation

Supermarket prices

The following are some examples of typical prices you should expect to pay in a larger supermarket in Lanzarote (August 2022):
Milk 1 litre UHT: €1.03
Orange Juice 1 litre: €1.24
Coca Cola 1.5 litre: €1.19
Water 5 litre: €1.07
Corn Flakes 375g: €2.18
Coffee 500g ground: €2.39
6 Eggs: €1.24
Shower gel 1 litre: €2.50
Toothpaste Colgate: €2
Nivea Sunscreen 400ml: €12.99
33cl Heineken Can: €0.62
33cl Spanish Beer Can (Mahou): €0.56
Bottle Rioja Crianza (Beronia): €7.35
Bottle Gin 1 Litre (Gordon’s): €11.44
Bottle Scotch 1L Johnnie Walker Black Label : €26.90
Bottle Cava: €6.78

Tobacco prices in Lanzarote

Tobacco is very cheap in Lanzarote compared to nearly everywhere else in Western Europe: a carton of 200 Marlboro cigarettes typically costs about €35.

Beach Sunbeds and Umbrellas

Prices vary depending on the municipality, but around €10.50 for 2 sunbeds and parasol for the day.

Car Hire

Thankfully prices have now returned back to normal after the pandemic, and you can once again find very reasonable rent-a-car prices in Lanzarote. Hiring a car for a week from Cabrera Medina or Autoreisen costs between about €140 and €220 depending on the season. Click here to compare car rental prices in Lanzarote.

Petrol and Diesel Prices

Fuel prices are lower in the Canary Islands than in Mainland Spain and most of Europe. At the time of writing, the cheapest Petrol Station in Lanzarote was the PCAN in Tias, however this often changes. Prices on the island varies about €0.15 per litre between the cheapest and most expensive petrol station. You can compare the prices of all of the petrol stations on the island for petrol here, and diesel here.