Atlantic Lizard
Atlantic lizard (Gallotia atlantica)
In 1993, the island of Lanzarote was declared a Biosphere Reserve as it conserves one of the most exceptional ecosystems and volcanic landscapes in the archipelago.

Lanzarote has a great wealth of native plants, such as Timanfaya seed and the Famara plantain which are both exclusive to Lanzarote.

As far as the invertebrate fauna are concerned, there are a large number of endemic species, some of which have special features due to their adaptation to their surroundings, such as a cricket that lives in holes in the lava and the Blind Albino Crab of the Jameos del Agua.

Birds find refuge in the “Chinijo Archipelago” (the small islands to the north of Lanzarote) where several threatened species live (Osprey, Falcons, Petrels, Shearwaters etc.) and in the arid zones where the Houbara Bustard, the Cream-Coloured Courser or the Stone Curlew are found.

Two reptiles to look out for are the Atlantic Lizard and the Fuerteventura Salamander.

Among the mammals, special mention should be given to the endemic Canary shrew (Crocidura canariensis).

The waters around Lanzarote support a large and varied population of marine species. Fish such as Barracuda, Grouper and Stingray frequent the reefs around the coast, while Hammerhead Sharks are found around the islet of Los Lobos.
Whales, Dolphins, Turtles and Flying Fish can often be seen during a Ferry Crossing or Boat Trip.

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