Fiestas del Carmen
Statue of the virgin being taken to sea during the fiesta de Nuestra Señora del Carmen
Folklore Music
Folklore Music is the traditional music of the Canary Islands. The main musical instrument in Folklore music is the timple, a ukelele-style instrument possibly introduced into the islands by Berber slaves shipped in for farm work by the European invaders early in the 15th century. The timple has travelled widely and been incorporated into the musical repertoire of Cuba and other Latin American countries. At traditional fiestas the instrument will accompany dances such as the isa and folía and, if you’re lucky, the tajaraste, the only dance said to have been passed down from the Guanches.

Lucha Canaria
Lucha Canaria is a form of wrestling unique to the Canary Islands where the contestants attempt to throw each other to the ground inside a 12 meter ring (somewhat similar to Sumo wrestling).

Spanish, or more precisely, Castilian, is the official language of the Canaries, and only place names from Guanche (the original inhabitants of Lanzarote) survive. However the accent and dialect is similar to that of Latin America.

Roman Catholicism gained an early foothold in the islands, and although many Canarians’ religious faith may be doubtful, the Church still plays an important role in people’s lives. Most Canarians are baptised and have church weddings and funerals, although less than 50% regularly turn up for Sunday service.

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