Playa Blanca, Lanzarote
The small ‘Town Beach’ in the centre of Playa Blanca, Lanzarote.
By Airport Transfer

Booking an Airport Transfer offers you the convenience of being dropped off directly at your Hotel for a lot less than the price of a taxi (€6 per person) and means you can forego the hassle of lugging your suitcases from the bus stop. Larger groups can book a mini van or private bus – a more economical option than booking several taxis. Note that you cannot buy a ticket for a transfer upon arrival at the airport, so you must book your transfer in advance.
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By Car

From the airport, follow the LZ-2 south, signposted Puerto del Carmen and Playa Blanca. Follow the LZ-2 as you pass the signs for Puerto del Carmen and on through Tias, Mácher, Uga, passing around the outskirts of Yaiza and finally into Playa Blanca.
NB: Just after the turn-off for Tías, the road will split into two, move over into the left hand lane, signposted for Yaiza. If you stay in the right hand lane, the road will fork off the LZ-2 taking you to Conil and La Geria via the LZ-501.
The journey should take around 40 minutes.
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By Bus

There is a regular bus service between the airport and Playa Blanca. This is bus route 161 / 261, click here for the timetable. Between Monday and Friday, buses run from the airport every 30 minutes from 7.30am to 10.30pm. There are however, fewer buses during the weekend and public holidays, so do check the timetable. The journey takes about an hour.

By Taxi

There are plenty of taxis available at the airport. It costs around €50, but this varies depending on where in Playa Blanca you are staying. This is the most expensive option.

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31 Responses

  1. Debbie

    any idea how much it costs to get a bus from Lanzarote airport to Playa Blanca
    thank you

  2. Denise mertens

    I have to take a bus on 6/11 at the airport arrecife to playa Blanca tui Blue resort kids hotel . .what are the bus houres. .number of bus and what’s is the price ?? Thank you very much for wending me z soon answer…greatings

  3. Sandie Waddell


    Is there a bus after 7.30pm on Sunday evenings from the airport to playa Blanca

    • administrator

      Hi, Yes, there are two, one at 20:00 and one at 22:00. Please follow the link in the main text for timetables.

    • administrator

      Hi, As far as I am aware, all of the buses on the island are wheelchair-accessible. It would be great to hear of your practical experience if you use them.

  4. Nigel Orr

    How do you pay for the bus ?
    Do you need a prepaid card or can you just pay the driver in cash ?

    • administrator

      Hi, You can pay the driver with cash – though they do not accept notes larger than €10.

  5. Andrew

    Hello.We are travelling to playa Blanca (a villa near C Irelanda junction c Austria ) . Travelling on a Sunday and was looking to get the 1600hrs linea 161 bus to playa Blanca.

    We would have to get a taxi from the playa Blanca bus station as it looks to far to walk to villa.

    Are there taxis at the bus station on a Sunday??


    • administrator

      Hi, There is a taxi rank right outside the bus station, however I cannot say whether there will be taxis waiting there on a Sunday. However, the main taxi rank is only 400m away in the centre of town. Also, the number 30 bus circular route runs every 30 minutes and would take you down to Faro Park.

  6. Steve

    How long does the airport transfer bus (not public bus) take from the airport to Playa Blanca (Flamingo Beach) on weekday evenings, and what time would it leave the airport for a 18:10 landing time pickup?

    • administrator

      Hi, The departure time would depend on how many other people are booked on the transfer, so it’s hard to say. I’m not sure of the exact time journey time, since it would depend again on how many other people are booked and where they are staying. I’d guess 60 – 70 mins total.

    • administrator

      Hi, Yes, as far as I know, you can place a fold-up bike in the baggage hold on the bus.

  7. Kieran

    Hi, just wondering does the 161 bus from Matagorda go to the ferry port in Playa Blanca?

  8. Julie Askell

    Can you please tell me if it is possible to get a bus from airport to Sandos Atlantic gardens resort. What is the bus number and cost please. Is there a bus map available

    • administrator

      Hi, There is no direct bus to that resort. You could get the 161 from the Airport to Playa Blanca Bus Station, and then take a taxi from there to the hotel. There is a local bus in Playa Blanca (no.30), but it doesn’t stop very close to that resort, so a local taxi from Playa Blanca Bus Station is probably best for you.


    Hi will it be possible to get from aricife airport to playa blanca on 25th January (flight due in 18.20) and return on Sunday 4th February at 18.00?

    • administrator

      Hi, Yes, there are plenty of buses: 161, 261 or 61. Please see link in the main article for timetables.

  10. Davide

    Hi, it’s not clear from the bus website timetable how to get from Playa Blanca to the Airport on a Sunday morning (7/04/2024). It seems there’s only one available at 9.00 am (apart from the evening). Could you please help us? Thank you.

  11. Maureen Louise Carter

    Hi can you please tell me how far it is from Habitaciones Doña Cris Calle Taburiente 27 * Planta Alta, Puerto del Carmen, 35518 to Playa Blanca ferry port. Many thanks

  12. Sarah Mallinson

    My flight is due in at 22.05 on the 3rd June 2024. Are there any buses to take me to playa blanca at that time

    • administrator

      Sorry for the late reply – yes, the last bus is the 61 at 22:30, however you might not have enough time to get through immigration /baggage reclaim, so a transfer is probably a better bet.

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