lagomar, Lanzarote
lagomar, Lanzarote

Legend has it that this heavenly place once belonged to the famous actor Omar Sharif, who fell in love with the house while filming the mini-series “The Mysterious Island” in Lanzarote. Despite his association with this place, Sharif was actually the owner for less than a day before he lost it to the Nazaret Oasis’s developer, Sam Benady, in a bridge game.

In the museum you can travel through the history of LagOmar’s development and learn about Omar Sharif and his legendary career. As a visitor you can enjoy all of the unique and organic architecture, that is seamlessly integrated with the labyrinth of caves.

Lagomar Bar
Lagomar Bar

This has all been continued and maintained by the German architect Dominik Von Boettinger and the Uruguayan architect Beatriz Van Hoff, who as current owners and have respected the nature and style of the space. They have kept the distinctive features created by the noted Lanzarote artist and landscape painter, Jesus Soto.

The chameleon-like caves are truly exceptional – a place that you can visit more than once, yet experience something new with each visit.

LagOmar Museum
Calle Los Loros, 2

Opening Hours:
Every day: 10.00 – 18.00

Museum Entrance Prices:
Adults = €6
Children under 12 years old = €2

Tel: (+34) 928 940 064

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