The San Antonio Hermitage, Tías, Lanzarote
The San Antonio Hermitage, Tías, Lanzarote

Tias, which overlooks Puerto del Carmen is the chief town of the municipality of the same name. For this reason, many of the administrative centres for Puerto del Carmen’s local services are located here.

The town is named after the aunts of a former governor of Gran Canaria (the province to which Lanzarote belongs), Don Alonso Fajardo, the word ‘tia’ meaning aunt.

Tias has many small Spanish bars and restaurants as well as several shops and bars that cater to the (mostly British) ex-pat community that has grown considerably in recent years.

  1. Steve pickering

    Hi. Me and my wife spend the winter months in puerto del carmen. Hour hobby is metal detecting, and here in the uk we are both members of the “national council for metal detecting” we are both wanting to detect on the beach (not the land) and was wondering if this is allowed, and if we need special permission, or a permit. Kind regards. Steve

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