There is huge variation in both the quality and type of food available in Lanzarote.
Everything from English to Chinese, Italian to Japanese as well as traditional Canarian food is catered for.

The Traditional Food of Lanzarote
As you would imagine, fish is fairly predominant in the traditional food of a group of Islands.
Local dishes such as ‘Pescado a la sal’, fish baked in salt, and ‘Sancocho Canario’, a stew made with dried fish and potatoes can be found in the Restaurants along with Fresh Tuna Steak, Calamari, Octopus and other Spanish seafoods.

Papas Arrugadas are ‘wrinkly’ Potatoes boiled in Sea water and served with Mojo, a traditional Canarian Sauce made with Garlic and herbs or Paprika.

Puchero and Potaje are stews made from lentils, chickpeas, vegetables and meat.

Gofio is a type of porridge made from maize that is served in several ways, sometimes as an accompaniment to soups and other dishes as well as sweetened as a dessert.

Apart from these very traditional Canarian foods, much of the food is very similar that of southern Spain and there are also a multitude of Tapas Bars to be found all over the Island.

The local wines should also be sampled when visiting the island.

Papas Arrugadas
Mojo Verde
Mojo Rojo

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