Lanzarote has a large variety of wonderful beaches. From the beautiful bleached white sands of the North to the golden sands of Puerto Del Carmen to the black sand at Playa Quemada, you will be amazed at this contrast that is unique to Lanzarote.

Puerto del Carmen

Playa Grande, Puerto del Carmen
Playa Grande is Puerto del Carmen’s main beach.

The main beach in Puerto Del Carmen is known as Playa Grande. This is a long beach facing the busy resort. There are numerous beaches in the area running from Arrecife airport, Guacimeta, right through to the old town of Puerto Del Carmen. Adjacent to the old town lies a sheltered beach, Playa Chica, that is host to a wide variety of sporting activities. Here you can take diving lessons, rent jet skis, go Para-sailing or do some Snorkelling.

Playa Blanca

Playa Dorada, Lanzarote
Playa Dorada is the busiest beach in Playa Blanca.

In the South of the Island near the resort of Playa Blanca lie the most beautiful beaches of all – Papagayo. These fantastic golden sand beaches are a must for beach lovers and although nudist bathing is common it is by no means compulsory. Also in Playa Blanca are the two man-made beaches of Playa Dorada (with beach-bars, pedalos, banana boats etc) and Playa Flamingo. The small but attractive beach in the centre of Playa Blanca town is also popular – especially during July and August.

Papagayo Beach, Lanzarote
Papagayo Beach, Lanzarote

Famara and La Santa
For those who love surfing and Body Boarding the beaches of Famara and La Santa, in the West, both present fabulous opportunities. Famara is world famous for its surf but its strong currents make it unsuitable for bathing.
La Santa Sports Complex, as well as being the training ground for international sports stars, is also surrounded by a beach and Wind Surfing lake.

Caleton Blanco
At the North of the island, near Orzola, there are a number of white sandy beaches with shimmering turquoise lagoons (Caleton Blanco). The contrast between the bleached white sand and black lava is quite stunning.

Costa teguise

Playa de las Cucharas, Lanzarote
Playa de las Cucharas in Costa Teguise

In the Northeast lies the Resort, Costa Teguise. The main beach here is known as Las Cucharas and is famous amongst the windsurfing community. In fact it has been the breeding ground of international champions and host world championship events.


Playa del Reducto, Arrecife
Playa del Reducto, Arrecife, Lanzarote

Finally, Arrecife, Lanzarote’s capital, has a wonderful golden beach lined with Coconut palms, El Reducto. This beach faces a number of Canarian bars where one can have traditional coffee (cortado), a beer or a relaxing cocktail.
Beach Safety

  • While swimming and playing in the sea is great fun, you should also be aware of the dangers and act responsibly and look for the Flag warnings.
  • Here are a few safety tips:
  • Swim parallel to the shore and within your depth (it can often be difficult to swim back to the Beach as currents can be strong).
  • Never swim immediately after eating
  • Never swim alone
  • Be aware of local conditions (currents etc), seek local advice
  • Never swim at night
  • Beware of boats and jet skis – don’t swim in areas allocated for their use.
  • Most important of all, do not swim after you have consumed alcohol.
 Red FlagRed Flag
Dangerous conditions, do not enter the water.
 Yellow FlagYellow Flag
Dangerous Conditions, exercise caution.
 Green FlagGreen Flag
Safe for swimmimg.
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