March Weather in Lanzarote

Daily Maximums

The average daytime high temperature during march is 22.9°C, with some days in the high twenties. Of course, some years are warmer, and the record high at the Airport in March is 32.7°C. Although many people will tell you that Playa Blanca generally gets the best weather in Lanzarote, I have found that the coast between Arrecife and Puerto Calero gets the hottest weather at this time of year.

Goats grazing near the slopes of the Ajaches Mountains - Lanzarote can take on a green hue following winter rain.
Goats grazing near the slopes of the Ajaches Mountains – Lanzarote can take on a green hue following winter rain.

Night-time Lows

Temperatures remain cool at night in Lanzarote during March with an average nightly low of around 15°C. Some nights may be cooler – there are typically some 11 or 12 degree nights in March, and the record low for the month is 8.3°C (at the Airport). It should be noted that the airport is fairly exposed, and the temperatures in built-up areas such as Puerto del Carmen or Arrecife may be slightly warmer. You will want to pack a light jacket or cardigan if you plan on being outside at night though.

Rain in March

Lanzarote gets, on average, six days with rain in March. The amount of rain does vary wildly from year to year: often there will be no rain at all, but the record is 15 days of rain. The average total precipitation for the month is 12.5mm, and the record for most rain in one day is 38.5mm. In other words, it’s very hard to predict, and there could be blazing sunshine every day, or there could be torrential rain. From experience, I would say that when there is rain, it tends to come on consecutive days, ruining some people’s holidays.

Cloud Cover

There are usually only about two completely overcast days during the entire month of March on the south coast of Lanzarote. While there are often some clouds in the sky – especially out-to-sea and in the north-west of the island, the main resort towns receive plenty of sunshine.


With an average wind speed of 21kmph, March is not a particularly windy month on the island (July and August are the windiest months).

Sea Temperature

The sea is at its coldest at this time of year with an average of about 17 or 18°C (colder in some years). The sea at some spots around the island is colder than at others (the water around Playa Blanca can feel very cold at this time of year). If you want to swim in the sea, look for spots with sheltered shallow water at the end of a hot sunny day. Also, if you plan on any water-based activity such as surfing or snorkelling, then a light 3mm wetsuit is advisable.


The weather can be somewhat unpredictable in Lanzarote in March: it could be glorious sunshine and 30°C, or it could be rainy and cool. What is certain is that the nights will be cooler and the sea will be fairly cold.

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