Lanzarote News Summary November 2017

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El Mirador de Haria to re-open

The Mirador de Haria, which has been abandoned for many years, is to re-open in the summer of 2018. The building, which affords superb views over the Haria Valley will also include an interpretive centre with information about the flora and fauna of the area. The restoration is expected to cost €300,000.

Dentists receive Prison Sentences

Two dentists were sentenced to a year each in prison, banned from practising for two years, and ordered to pay for the unspecified costs of rehabilitation of the victim, Leticia Paniagua. The two dentists, named as Tibisay Viña and María del Carmen Franco, were convicted of serious medical negligence. The complainant had four dental implants installed at the Clinica Dental de Tias in 2012. Shortly afterwards, the victim began to suffer severe pain and irritation, however the clinic initially ignored her complaint. Her condition worsened until finally, she was transferred to A&E in Gran Canaria, where doctors feared for her life, and she spent nearly a month in intensive care. The ruling found that the dentists had based their intervention on a scan made in 2009, ignoring a scan made just days before the operation as well as other actions that worsened the infection.

Landlord Arrested

A 51 year-old man was arrested by National Police for breaking and entering into his own property, after he installed a device to prevent the tenant from entering. The tenant was 9 months in arrears, and the landlord went to the property after neighbours had alerted him to bad smells and unhealthy conditions in the property. Upon arrival, the landlord observed numerous animal excrements in the interior of the property. The tenant phoned the police to inform them that the landlord was preventing him from entering his home. After confirming his identity, the landlord, who complained about the extreme slowness of the judicial process, was arrested for breaking and entering. This follows another incident at the end of October when a landlord attempted to forcibly evict a woman and baby from a house in Playa Blanca using pepper spray and an axe.

Work Finally Started on Playa Blanca Port

After seemingly endless bureaucratic delays, work finally got underway on the Playa Blanca Harbour extension on the 27th of November. The 39 million euro project now faces a race against time to complete the work in order to comply with the funding conditions.

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