Lanzarote News Summary March 2018

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Record Cruise Ship Visitors

Lanzarote is currently receiving record numbers of cruise ship visitors. In January and February, 101,359 tourists arrived by cruise ship – 43% more than during the same period in 2017. The March numbers also look to have been good, with at least 55,000 visitors to the island’s capital from a total of 33 ships.

Missing Bather

A 53 year-old German man went missing on the 21st of March at Charco de Palo (Mala). The man’s partner raised the alarm when he failed to return from a swim. Although the emergency services found his belongings, there was no sign of the missing man. Early indications are that a body found in the water at Playa de las Cucharas in Costa Teguise on the 31st of March, may well have been that of the missing German.

3 Months Prison for trying to kill a Dog

Sergio Manuel Hernández Santos and Alberto de las Mercedes Hernández Santos have been sentenced to 3 months and one day in prison for mistreating and attempting to kill a dog. The two were spotted, by two hikers, attempting to kill the animal in a rural area of Haria in February of 2016. The pair fled the scene, but were later identified by the Guardia Civil. Staff from the Animal Charity, Sara, managed to save the dog’s life, and the dog has since been adopted and given the name ‘King’ by his new owners.

Rewards for Recycling

The Chacón shop in Valterra (Arrecife) has installed recycling machines where customers can return bottles, cans and plastic packaging in exchange for rewards. Customers can redeem the returned recyclable items for discounts, offers and competitions at the shop. The machines are the first of this kind to be introduced in Lanzarote, and Chacón hope to roll them out to all of their stores.

Goat adopts Orphaned Camel

A young camel, orphaned just a few days after it was born, was adopted by a goat at the farm where she lives in Uga. The young camel, which has been given the name Tinguatón by the farmer’s grandchildren, is now inseparable from her adopted mother – even when the goat is out grazing. Normally, if a young camel is orphaned, the owners will hand-feed the animal with bottles of goat milk, and this may be the first known case where a goat had breastfed a camel.

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