Lanzarote News Summary February 2018

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Damage and Disruption from Storms

Lanzarote saw numerous flight cancellations, flooding, and beaches washed away at the end of the month when three consecutive storms passed through the Canary Islands. Tourists were forced to sleep on the floor at Lanzarote Airport when their flights home were cancelled (some flights were cancelled due to the even worse weather conditions in Northern Europe).

Arrecife saw extensive flooding due to the sewer system being overwhelmed by the heavy rain – something that provoked a war-of-words between local Politicians as they attempted to assign blame as to who was responsible for cleaning the Island Capital’s beleaguered drainage system.

The final storm of the month, Strom Emma, caused a very strong southern swell that washed away practically all of the sand from Puerto del Carmen’s Playa Chica as well as taking nearly 2 metres of sand from Playa Grande and causing damage to the promenade.

Guardia Civil investigate Holiday Let Complaints

The Guardia Civil in Costa Teguise have processed 114 cases against Holiday Lets since December in the municipalities of Teguise and Haria. 41 of those cases were because the property owners had failed to register the guests with the authorities – something that is required because of anti-terrorist measures. The Guardia Civil have been inspecting properties that are advertised as holiday lets on the internet. In this way, they have been able to discover many holiday rentals that are not registered or do not comply holiday rental legislation. The Guardia Civil have signalled that failing to comply with the regulations is punishable with fines of between €30,000 and €300,000.

British Tourist detained for wrecking Hotel Room

A 32 year-old British Tourist was detained at Lanzarote Airport on the 4th of February accused of causing €1500 of damage to a hotel in Costa Teguise. The investigation began when the Hotel made a complaint to the Guardia Civil about the damage caused by a guest. The complaint stated that the man, in a drunken state, had broken a glass display cabinet, which was followed by a confrontation with other hotel guests. The furniture and lamps were also broken in the tourist’s hotel room. The events occurred on the first day of the man’s planned stay, however he subsequently moved to another hotel without paying for the damage that he had caused, before being arrested at Lanzarote Airport..

Tourist Robbed in Playa Blanca

Guardia Civil have detained an 18 year-old man and a 23 year-old woman following the robbery of €1000 from a foreign tourist. The tourist claims that she was given a lift to Papagayo beach by the pair, after she gave them tobacco. Upon arriving at the beach, she says that they physically took her handbag, which, she claims, contained €1000 in cash. Following the tourist’s complaint, the Guardia Civil tracked down the pair, and found that the driver of the car also lacked a driver’s license. The pair were detained and charged with violent robbery and the man was also charged with an offence against road safety.

New 4 Star Hotel in Puerto del Carmen

The R2 Bahia Kontiki is to reopen as a four star hotel. The complex previously operated as a 2 star aparthotel, and is currently undergoing substantial renovation and remodelling. The new hotel will have 108 rooms and is expected to open this summer.

3 Responses

  1. Judy Alden

    How can one register guests at holiday lets with the police/Guardia civil in Lanzarote?

  2. Tony Payne

    I am surprised about the need to register guests with the authorities if you are renting out a villa or apartment, but with the ever present terrorist threat these days, I guess it’s sadly a necessity. I assume hotels are required to register guests with the authorities, never thought about that before, but I wonder whether this procedure is well documented for owners of B&B’s and those who rent out their holiday homes?

    We were in Lanzarote in February this year, fortunately later in the month, just at the tail end of the bad weather. The week started off chilly, but did reach the low 20’s by the end of our stay, warm enough to spend a couple of days on the beaches at Papagayo, which we fell in love with.

    We stayed at an apartment in Tiagua, well away from the resorts, and it was practically perfect, being away from most of the tourists, allowing us to experience more of the “real” Lanzarote.

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