Lanzarote News Roundup March 2017

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A pontoon at the Marina Rubicon, Playa Blanca, Lanzarote
The ex-Mayor of Yaiza, José Francisco Reyes, has admitted receiving bribes in return for granting permission to build the Marina Rubicon.
Ex-Mayor of Yaiza accepts Prison Sentence

The ex-Mayor of Yaiza, José Francisco Reyes, has accepted a prison sentence of 6 years in prison as part of a deal with prosecutors after confessing to accepting bribes related to urban planning in Playa Blanca. He has also been fined €300,000 and had the assets seized that he acquired as bribes (including a Yacht, 5 vehicles, a share of a flat, the contents of 10 current accounts and €13,000 in cash). The former politician has been banned from public service for 21 years.

Aging Population

The average age of the Lanzarote population now stands at 38.3 years according to data compiled by the Lanzarote Cabildo. The data, compiled from the municipal totals for 2016, also shows wide discrepancies between municipalities, with Haria hosting the oldest population (average of 44.9 years) while Yaiza has the youngest (37 years). Tias has the second oldest population, with an average of 40.3 years. The 2016 numbers show that the population of Lanzarote is getting older and that the average is the highest that it has been this century.


Following summer-like temperatures earlier in the month that saw temperatures reach the 30s°C, a hailstorm on the 18th of the month left parts of the island with a rare (and brief) white covering.

Sperm Whale

A 9 metre-long dead Sperm Whale was found washed up on the shore near Orzola on the 17th of March. The skeleton will be used in the future Whale Museum that is planned for Arrecife.

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