July Weather in Lanzarote

Charco de San Gines, Arrecofe, Lanzarote
Charco de San Gines, Arrecife, Lanzarote

Daytime High Temperatures

The average daytime high temperature in July is 28.2°C – with some days into the low thirties. Fortunately, Lanzarote does not generally get the extreme high temperatures suffered in Andalucia during the summer months. That said, if there is Calima at this time of year (wind and dust from the Sahara), the temperatures can climb into the low forties (Celsius).

The lowest daytime high temperature ever recorded in July is 23.1°C – meaning that you are guaranteed warm weather in Lanzarote in July. The record high for July in Lanzarote is 43.4°C recorded on the 25th of the month in 2022.
All of the above numbers are for Lanzarote Airport – the temperatures in sheltered south-facing resort towns such as Puerto del Carmen or Playa Blanca may be higher.

Nighttime Temperatures

The average nighttime low temperature in July is between 20 and 21°C – perfect for nighttime outdoor dining. There can be some uncomfortably warm nights at this time of year, so it’s advisable to book accommodation with air-conditioning.


It once rained twice in July – and the record total precipitation for the entire month is 0.3mm. Normally it does not rain at all in July.

Cloud Cover

It is normally very sunny throughout July with little cloud – though there is usually some haze. There may be some scattered clouds out to sea or in the north, but completely overcast days are rare, and even less likely to last more than a single day.


July is the windiest month of the year in Lanzarote with an average wind speed of 30kmph. The North-easterly trade winds are well established at this time of year, so look for sheltered south-facing locations on the South Coast to dodge the wind. Costa Teguise is particularly exposed to the wind, which is why it is popular with Windsurfers.

It’s important to be aware of the wind’s cooling effects, since you can be badly sunburnt without realising it.

Sea Temperature

The sea temperature is normally around 21°C in Lanzarote in July – still refreshing, but you can usually find warmer spots in shallow water by the afternoon. A light wetsuit is still a good idea if you plan on surfing or other water-based activities.


Aemet.es Weather forecast from the Spanish State Meteorological Agency

Overview of the climate in Lanzarote

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