Lanzarote Nature

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In 1993, the island of Lanzarote was declared a Biosphere Reserve as it conserves one of the most exceptional ecosystems and volcanic landscapes in the archipelago. Lanzarote has a great wealth of native plants, such as Timanfaya seed and the … Continued

Lanzarote Food

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There is huge variation in both the quality and type of food available in Lanzarote.Everything from English to Chinese, Italian to Japanese as well as traditional Canarian food is catered for. The Traditional Food of LanzaroteAs you would imagine, fish … Continued

César Manrique

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César Manrique Cabrera was born on April 24, 1919 in Puerto Naos, Arrecife (Lanzarote), the son of Francisca and Gumersindo. His father was a food merchant and his grandfather a notary public. César preceded his twin sister Amparo by just … Continued

Lanzarote Festivals

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Annual Festivals 5th JanuaryEvery year on the fifth of January there is a parade with 3 Camel Riders giving sweets and gifts to Children. Carnival (Dates Change)Carnival takes place in February or March every year.The exact dates of Parades etc. … Continued

Culture in Lanzarote

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Folklore Music Folklore Music is the traditional music of the Canary Islands. The main musical instrument in Folklore music is the timple, a ukelele-style instrument possibly introduced into the islands by Berber slaves shipped in for farm work by the … Continued

Lanzarote History

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Antiquity (pre-European Conquest)Recent archaeological discoveries indicate that the island was populated from at least 1000 BC and that this population had at least minimal contact with the Phoenicians and Romans.Analysis of pollen found in sediments from this time has revealed … Continued

Moving to Lanzarote

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Working in Lanzarote.Every EU Citizen has the right to work in Lanzarote with full working rights equivalent to that of his Spanish counterpart.In order to work in Lanzarote the first thing you must do is to obtain a tax number … Continued

Lanzarote FAQ

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In this section we will attempt to answer some of the more common questions that keep on coming up in emails and on the message board. Is Camping permitted in Lanzarote? What Consumer Rights do I have as a Tourist … Continued