April Weather in Lanzarote

En Abril, Aguas Mil

There is a saying in Spain that goes something like En Abril, Aguas Mil, which translates roughly as ‘In April, a thousand rains’. While that may ring true for mainland Spain, the statistics for Lanzarote tell another story: Lanzarote receives an average of just 5.2mm in April.

Famara, Lanzarote
Famara, Lanzarote

Daytime Maximums

In April, most days will reach at least 23 or 24°C, with some days into the high twenties Celsius. Of course, in sheltered south-facing areas, it can feel a bit hotter, and it is very easy to get burnt in the strong sunshine. The record high temperature for the month at Lanzarote Airport is 36.3°C recorded on the 3rd of April 2006.

Nightly Low Temperatures

At night, temperatures typically drop to around 15 or 16 degrees Celsius. There doesn’t tend to be huge variation in low temperatures at this time of year, with the coldest night of the month probably no lower than 13°C, and the warmest no warmer than 19°C. Of course, there are always exceptions, and a temperature of just 9.5°C was recorded on one chilly night in April 1974!


As I said earlier, Lanzarote gets an average of just 5.2mm during April (Lanzarote Airport). If anything, this number is a little misleading and is increased by those years when a torrential downpour occurred. A more typical April will see 3 days with some light rain, and the median total precipitation for the month is just 2.2mm (a lot lower than the average total). Of course, there is also a good chance of no rain at all during April.


While there isn’t normally a lot of rain in April, it is the cloudiest month of the year in Lanzarote. Though, on average, there are only 2 completely overcast days during the month. As always, the north-west half of the island tends to be cloudier than the south-east.


In terms of wind, April is neither the windiest time of year, nor the calmest with an average wind speed of 23.9kmph. Visitors should be aware of the cooling effects of the wind, as it can lull you into a false sense of security and you may not realise that you are being burnt by the sun.

Sea Temperature

The sea remains fairly cool in the waters around Lanzarote in April, with an average temperature of about 18°C. This is probably okay for a quick refreshing dip, but a wetsuit is advisable for any water-based activities such as surfing, snorkelling or diving.


Aemet.es Weather forecast from the Spanish State Meteorological Agency

Overview of the climate in Lanzarote

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