LagOmar Museum

Legend has it that this heavenly place once belonged to the famous actor Omar Sharif, who fell in love with the house while filming the mini-series “The Mysterious Island” in Lanzarote. Despite his association with this place, Sharif was actually … Continued

La Geria

The startling black landscape of La Geria, Lanzarote’s wine-growing region, is for many, the quintessential Lanzarote, marking this island out as truly different to the other Canary Islands. Thousands of pits, each containing a single green vine, cover the floor … Continued


Beautiful Famara beach, with its spectacular cliff backdrop, has been labelled as one of the best beaches in Europe. This is true to some extent, as a surf and kitesurfing Mecca, though it’s not perhaps the best choice for those … Continued


Arrecife is the Capital of Lanzarote and, with close to 60,000 residents, by far the largest town on the island. As you might expect, it has a much more authentic Canarian feel than the tourist resorts found elsewhere on the … Continued