Lanzarote News Summary June 2018

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Man killed in hit-and-run in Tiagua

A 45 year-old man died of injuries sustained when he was struck by a car shortly after emerging from his own parked car in Tiagua. The perpetrator fled the scene, but Guardia Civil agents, with the help of the public, detained him shortly afterwards in Tinajo. The suspected hit-and-run driver tested positive for both drugs and alcohol, and has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and driving under the influence. It has since emerged that the driver was also involved in the attack on two Guardia Civil agents in La Santa in July of last year. The victim was named as Marco Antonio Murcia, known around the island as a member of the rock group ‘Tribu’.

Patera Intercepted with 20 Immigrants and 37 kilos of Hashish

The Guardia Civil intercepted a patera (small boat) with 20 illegal immigrants aboard off the North-east coast of Lanzarote on the 19th of June. Upon interception, the occupants of the boat were found throwing various packets of hashish into the water, which were then recovered by the Guardia Civil. Five of the immigrants were found to be underage, and another was treated by the Red Cross for hypothermia. The presumed skipper of the vessel was charged with human trafficking and public health (drug) offences.

La Graciosa – The 8th Canary Island

The Spanish Senate have approved a motion from the Canarian Government to recognise La Graciosa as the eighth Canary Island. The small island of La Graciosa, located just north of Lanzarote, has a population of around 750 people and its residents have been campaigning for more recognition. The island will continue to be administered as part of the municipality of Teguise. Although the measure was approved unanimously, some Lanzarote locals have expressed cynicism about the motives for the change and concern over the future development of the small island.

Game Fishing for Protected Species

The Guardia Civil have denounced a businessman for advertising fishing trips for protected species. A citizen informed the Guardia Civil of the existence of a business, based in the Marina Rubicon (Playa Blanca) that was advertising fishing trips for protected species such as Hammerhead sharks. The website even offered photos of captured young hammerhead sharks and other protected species such as butterfly rays. The capture of these animals carries a fine of between 301 and 60,000 euros. The news follows a similar case in Fuerteventura, where a British-owned business was also offering fishing trips for the same protected species.

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