Lanzarote News Summary July 2017

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Guardia Civil attacked in La Santa

Two Guardia Civil were brutally assaulted while attempting to break up a fight in La Santa at around 7am on Saturday the 22nd of July. One of the agents was beaten unconscious and suffered a broken nose, which needed surgery. The Guardia Civil were called to the area after receiving a phone call alerting them to a fight in the street following a party. The Guardia Civil agents were then set upon while trying to intervene.

Fire in Haria

Some 40,000m2 of pasture was destroyed by fire near Haria on the 30th of July. The Fire Brigade was able to put out the fire, though the process was complicated by the fact the fire had several focal points.

Marijuana Farm Dismantled

The Policia Nacional have detained 5 individuals and dismantled a Marijuana farm located in the Barranco de la Asomada. Following an anonymous tip, the police found the farm hidden in the ravine, complete with four greenhouses, powerful halogen lights and mechanised harvesting equipment. 750 kilos of of Marijuana was seized and five individuals detained including a British National, presumed to be the head of the operation.

Prison sentences for Cocaine Gang

Sentences of between two and six years in prison were given to 13 individuals by the Provincial Court of Las Palmas. The case began following the detention of a woman in Lanzarote Airport in October 2013 who was was found in possession of 556 grams of Cocaine after arriving on a flight from Madrid. Four of the individuals were resident in Lanzarote, with the remainder resident in Tenerife. Apart from prison sentences, the members of the gang also received large fines, with one re-offending individual fined €46,185 for his role in the trafficking ring.

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