Lanzarote News Roundup May 2017

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Huge Water Deposit Found under Timanfaya
Timanfaya National Park, Lanzarote
Timanfaya National Park, Lanzarote
An Aquifer, which is estimated to contain between 12 and 17 million cubic metres of water, has been discovered under the Timanfaya lava fields (malpaís). The existence of an important deposit of water under Timanfaya has been hypothesised by the engineer, Carlos Soler Liceras, for 15 years, however his theory has not been tested until now. The study, carried out by the University of Barcelona, was commissioned by the Podemos Party and financed by Cicar (the car rental company) and the Fundación César Manrique. The find could have enormous benefits for an island that relies totally on expensive-to-produce desalinated seawater. It currently costs about €2.40 per cubic metre to supply desalinated seawater. Water from this newly-discover source could cost as little as €0.10 to extract.

British Man detained for Social Security Fraud

A 49 year-old British Man has been arrested by the National Police accused of the non-payment of €336,197 in Social Security quotas for more than 100 workers. The accused is a director of several companies that run restaurants in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. A further two British Nationals, also under investigation, are now considered fugitives.

Fake Designer Goods Seized

The Arrecife Local Police have dismantled a fake-goods network by seizing more than 19,000 items with a value estimated at more than 4 million euros. As well as the actual fake designer items, the Police also seized 44,000 fake “CE” mark stickers and 1830 metal plaques of various designer brands.

Luxury Squatters

An investigation by the Spanish TV channel ‘Cuatro’ has revealed that some Squatters, installed in Villas with private pools in Playa Blanca, own their own properties – which they have rented out. One of the interviewed squatters on the ‘En el punto de mira’ program even admitted to owning more than one property. The squatters steal electricity and water from the community, leaving a bill which the neighbours have to pay.

Irish Woman Drowned

A 41 year-old Irish woman drowned on Puerto del Carmen’s Playa Grande during a night-time swim on the 14th. A man, who was seen accompanying the woman on the beach, but remained on the shore, was arrested and charged for failing to assist the deceased.

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