Lanzarote News Roundup April 2017

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Flooding in Costa Teguise

A sudden torrential downpour in Costa Teguise caused flash flooding on the 29th making roads impassible and damaging basement levels of some buildings. The unusual weather conditions also caused the formation of a small tornado near Arrecife that was captured on video. Relatively still air caused the rapid evolution of local cloud, which met a small cold-air pocket above Costa Teguise, provoking the downpour according to Meteorología Lanzarote.

2016 Wine Rating

The wine from the 2016 harvest has been given a rating of “very good” by the official regulator. 15 wines from various Lanzarote bodegas were tested by 8 experts and given an average score of 12.5 – one point higher than the 2015 harvest. The weather lowered the quantity of the 2016 grape harvest to just 700.000 kilos, though the quality appears to have been unaffected.

Seprona rescue 5 Podencos

The Nature Protection Unit of the Guardia Civil, Seprona, rescued 5 Podencos (a hunting dog) from a Finca in Tias that were “dying of hunger”. As well as the five dogs that were rescued, a sixth animal was already dead and in a state of decomposition. After the intervention of the Guardia Civil, the animals were handed over to Sara, who said that it was impossible to imagine the suffering of the animals that were left without food or water during a heat-wave on the island.

Tourist Train Stopped

Only a week after being inaugurated by local politicians, the new Tourist Trains that transport visitors along the seafront in Arrecife were stopped by local police because of paperwork irregularities. Local Police stopped the trains on the 24th while they were full of tourists, requiring the tourists to leave the vehicle and wait for more than an hour and half while the police detained the vehicle. According to reports in La Voz de Lanzarote, one of the ‘trains’ was registered as a bus.

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