January Weather in Lanzarote

Lanzarote in flower
The north of Lanzarote can take on a green hue in winter

Daily High Temperatures

January is the coldest month of the year in Lanzarote with average daytime highs of between 20 and 21°C. Some days usually reach 23 or 24°C, and the record high for the month is 27.9°C (at Lanzarote Airport). Since most holiday accommodation provides south-facing shelter from the wind, it will often feel hotter on a terrace during a sunny afternoon. Shorts and a T-shirt are usually enough during the day, and unless you are unlucky with the weather during a short stay, there will likely be the opportunity to get a suntan.

Night-time temperatures

It can feel quite cool at night with temperatures typically dropping to about 13 or 14°C. Some nights may be slightly warmer, and the absolute minimum for the month on the coast is usually around 11°C. Of course, it can get a little cooler away from the coast, and although frosts are unusual, they do happen on a rare occasion in some areas of the interior (Masdache, La Geria and Haria). Rest assured, that snow has never been recorded on the island!


January is one of the wetter months in Lanzarote, though this is relative, and the average total monthly rainfall of 16.5mm is a fraction of that received in even the driest parts of the UK. There are typically 6 or 7 rainy days during January, and from experience I would say that these often come consecutively. Of course, there is always the possibility of no rain at all during January, but there is normally one rainy week during the month.


There will be some scattered clouds in the sky on most days during January (often out to sea) but the resort towns of Puerto del Carmen and Playa Blanca still receive plenty of sunshine. The north-west half of the island is often quite cloudy though. On average there are about 3 completely overcast days during January at the Airport.


January is one of the least windy months in Lanzarote with an average wind speed of 19kmph.

Sea Temperatures

The sea is typically 18 to 19°C at this time of year – lower during some years. This is fairly cool – maybe okay for a quick dip on a sunny day, but you’ll probably want a wetsuit if you plan on staying in the water for any length of time.


Episodes of wind-blown dust from the Sahara may occur at this time of year. Since the Sahara is relatively cool at this time of year, temperatures do not soar too much during these episodes (perhaps the high 20s during the day), and remain cool at night. They do bring unpleasant dust and haze, and the local authorities may issue a health warning if the dust is particularly thick.

Sunrise and Sunset

In January, the sun rises at around 07:45 and sets at around 18:20 (earlier where mountains block the sunset).


Aemet.es Weather forecast from the Spanish State Meteorological Agency

Overview of the climate in Lanzarote

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